The Certified KPI Professional (16-18 October 2018)


“If you do not have a Performance Management System in place, this is an excellent place to start, as it provides the foundation to implement a KPI Framework.” – Annick Tolbize - Manager, RCA School Rodrigues

“Excellent course – A practical approach that offered me a better understanding of KPIs that will surely help us with our performance measurement and improvement.” – Priscille Rose – HR Coordinator, Medine


The Certified KPI Professional (22-24 October 2018)


“This course provides participants not only with a very clear insight into the subject, but also very practical exercises to facilitate the implementation of a Performance Management System” – Shashi Puddoo – Group Head of Human Resources, Poivre Corporate Services Ltd

“The course reflects clearly our business reality. It is not filled with academic theories, but easy to apply the know how gained in our day to day activities.” – Rutah Anjayla Devi -Service Manager, Hard Henry Services


Quote of the month

"Most people do not see their beliefs. Their beliefs tell them what they see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion."

Matt Khan

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