VoSPA – Vocational Style and Personality Assessment

The Challenge


Every year after the SC & HSC examinations, some 25,000 families in Mauritius have the challenging responsibility for choosing the most appropriate higher education for their sons and daughters so that they can secure a decent career.

Ensuring a decent job & salary, entrepreneurial freedom and economic stability is becoming more challenging than ever.

Parents are too often poorly informed on recruiting sectors, job prospects, actual opportunities & required qualifications

How do students choose their careers in Mauritius?

Career choices are generally based on 3 types of decisions in Mauritius:

1. Peer Pressure : “My son is going to be a doctor"

2. Trend : “There are a lot of opportunities in IT Right now"

3. Gut Feeling : "I always wanted to be a veterinary"

These traditional methodology of choosing a career are unfortunately no more effective in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA business world)

According to various research,

  • 92% of secondary school students do not get any career-related guidance from their schools
  • 70% of secondary school leavers in Mauritius do not have a clear career path.
  • 55% university students surveyed admitted that their choice were influenced by their parents
  • 30% of them admitted that they would have chosen another course if they did some more research
  • Many of them still believe that the transition from secondary to tertiary is simple as it was from primary to secondary education.

The most difficult problem lies in the student’s wishes: they do not know yet for which job & sectors they are made for.

This is where the VoSPA test takes on its full meaning: it allows a deep thinking on what the student really want and clarify his or her career path.

What is VoSPA and how can it help you?

VoSPA (Vocational Style and Personality Assessment) is a scientifically validated and reliable online assessment designed for students, graduates, young professionals, and job-seekers.

It will assess a person’s interests, values, and preferences surrounding his or her career & and offers career suggestions that best suit his or her profile, in a 50 page report.

This online test does not require any travelling or appointment. It can be done at home, in a stress free environment.

Once the test has been taken, it can be interpreted with a Professional Career Counsellor as part of our Career Development Centre.

How can a personality test define a career choice?

Part 1 : Assessment of student's personality

The VoSPA Career test will first assess the students’ personality and help them know more about themselves, by will revealing their :

  • Type of intelligence
  • Career Interest
  • Work Orientation
  • Work Style
  • Work Values

Part 2 : Recommended careers

As a result of this analysis, the test will match the student’s potential to a List of 30 recommended careers including, for each career:

  • Job Description
  • Duties & responsibilities
  • Knowledge and subjects required for each position
  • Related Careers
  • Wages & employment trends (USA & Canada)
  • Market trends

The benefits of our VoSPA Personality test are immediate and long lasting:

  • Eliminates horizontal skills mismatch at source
  • No risk of university drop out
  • No risk of change in course mid-way
  • No Resits
  • Prompt education loan repayment
  • No prolonged unemployment
  • No unsocial behaviour
  • Increases self esteem
  • Proper career planning
  • Highly employable



Since 2012, we have helped more than 250 students in their career choices in Mauritius & Rodrigues, including 3 laureates!

Watch the video below too see how our #VoSPA Career Orientation test has helped the Speville family:

 How VoSPA helped the Speville Family

Watch the video below too see how our #VoSPA can help you:

 VoSPA Explainer Video


For a Preview/Sample Report of the test, click here : Sample Report - VoSPA

For a Free Career Guidance Booklet, click here : Free Career Guidance Booklet

How to do the VoSPA Test?

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