Soft Skills Employability Programme

Soft Skills Employability Programme

Soft Skills Employability Programme

Are you a vulnerable job seeker?

If you have any of the following symptoms, then you are considered as a vulnerable job seeker:

  • Aged between 18 and 35 years
  • Female
  • Graduate (In 2018, 26% of Mauritian graduates were unemployed)
  • Unemployed for more than 6 months
  • No work experience
  • No employability skills

Our Solution : Soft Skills Employability Programme

The Soft Skills Employability Programme course has been specifically designed for first time graduate job seekers who lack the employability skills that will make them stand out of the crowd and become first class employee.

The objective of this programme is to eliminate horizontal skills mismatch at source and empower job seekers with 21st century critical soft employability skills so that they can kick start their careers in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business world.

This course will also help identify your personality and your hidden talents. Knowing your strengths will automatically boost your self-esteem and self-confidence which will assist you to secure a decent job.

Target audience: Job seekers looking for a decent work

Resource person: Kesho Gooriah

Venue: 4 Avenue des Manguiers, Quatre Bornes

Recognition: MQA Approved

Course duration: 30 hours

Investment per delegate: Rs. 15,000

Last date for Enrollment : 22nd March 2019

Money back guarantee : Our recruitment methodology is so effective that we are offering a Money Back Guarantee If you do not secure a decent job within 3 months of completing your programme (Terms and conditions apply)

Our training credentials : Since 2010, we have trained more than 2200 delegates and delivered over 2400 hours of training

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about skills mismatch and soft employability skills and how important they are to secure a decent job.

  • Learn how a positive attitude at work is of paramount importance to secure a decent job.

  • Identify their career interests, intelligence types, work orientation, work styles, work values, team player style, conflict resolution style, personal SWOT, personal vision and APA behaviour.

  • Design and develop their own Career Assessment Report which they will use for job applications and during interviews.

  • Learn and understand the universal employability skills that employers across any sector of the economy around the world are looking from new recruits.

  • Understand personal effectiveness competencies and how to apply them at the workplace

  • Learn how to search for a decent job and match their KSAs with job requirements using our job fit calculator.

  • Learn how to demonstrate their competencies during interviews.

Course Contents

Module 1 : Attitude at work

Module 2 : Career Assessment

Module 3 : Universal Employability Skills & Personal Effectiveness Competencies

Module 4 : Job search using our job calculator

Module 5 : Presentation Skills

Our Soft Skills Employability Programme will help you to master the skills and attitude components of the Triangle of Success to secure a decent job.


Detailed course contents available upon request



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