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About Psychometric Testing

The use of testing and assessments has become an integral part of the recruitment process for a large proportion of Mauritian organisations, and their use is increasing.

Companies are increasingly realising the business benefits that can be derived through the use of a thorough and well-planned assessment programme in identifying candidates with the experience, knowledge and skills necessary for success in the role.

The benefits include:

• More accurate representation of the candidate across many competencies - candidates are tested on actual demonstrated ability rather than their self report of ability.
• Candidates who more accurately match organisational culture and individual roles.
• Improved in-job performance.
• Increased staff morale and commitment.
• Reduced turnover of staff.
• Can be used as part of an organisational change process.
• Provide an equal opportunity to all candidates to demonstrate relevant skills - less opportunity for one assessor's assessment to unfairly influence a selection decision.

The use of psychometric assessments as a valuable part of the recruitment process has now achieved mainstream acceptance. The reason is that they help to take the guesswork out of recruiting. They provide objective, fair and quantifiable data that can give you confidence in making the right decision and therefore in appointing the right person.

What we mean by psychometric test?

The term psychometric test can cover a very wide range of tests: ability, aptitude, intelligence, personality, motivation, interests, career guidance, and more.

Do we need psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are widely used by the employers in selection and development of employees. A high amount of graduates are exposed to psychometric tests in their job searching experience. Even if a candidate has outstanding educational attainments, most employers will still use psychometric testing.
Psychometric assessments can be used to gain a deeper insight into your candidates. For example a reasoning test can help you ascertain who has the ability to think on their feet or to pick up new information quickly. Other tests and questionnaires can help you spot the real players or the detail conscious applicants. All of those are aspects which are hard to measure through a CV or interview. Psychometric assessments can also be used prior to interview to screen out those individuals who simply do not have the ability to do the job, thereby saving you time and money.

Is the assessment relevant to the job?

Many studies have been carried out to relate psychometric assessments with subsequent job performance. In almost all cases the results show that where appropriate tests are used, adding psychometric assessment to the recruitment process significantly improves the likelihood of the selected person performing well in the job. However, it is important to be sure that the tests are appropriate. At the very least you should seek professional advice from a business psychologist as to their relevance. The very best way to ensure relevance to a particular role is to carry out a validation study within your organisation. This requires testing several current employees and correlating their scores with their recent job performance (benchmarking).

Are the assessments reliable and valid?

All psychological tests should be supported by evidence of reliability and validity for their intended purpose. High levels or reliability show that the test is consistent over people and over time in the factors that it is measuring. High levels of validity indicate that the test is measuring what it claims to be measuring. With a professionally developed psychological test, this information will be available and will provide evidence to support the inferences that may be drawn from the scores on the test.

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