Competency Based Training

Measure the ROI on your Training Investment

Measure the ROI on your Training Investment

The challenge : VUCA World

The corporate world is witnessing unprecedented dramatic changes caused by a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) business environment.

Training of employees is one of the solutions. However, traditional training is becoming vastly evaporating as employees quickly return back to their comfort zone after their training.

This situation is supported by the forgetting curve theory of Hermann Ebbingaus (1885) which hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time. The forgetting curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. A typical graph of the forgetting curve (shown below) purports to show that humans tend to halve their memory of newly learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless they consciously review the learned material.

The forgetting curve supports one of the seven kinds of memory failures: transience, which is the process of forgetting that occurs with the passage of time.

Figure 1: Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

The Solution : Competency Based Training

 We offer Competency Based Training in 27 different courses where participants are assessed BEFORE and AFTER the training using objective, unbiased and scientifically validated online psychometric assessments.

Our training methodology is as follows:

Step 1: Administer the appropriate online psychometric test to the participants.

Step 2: The results will identify whether the participant is competent or not in that specific skill.

Step 3: The training provider will use the limitations generated from the tests as skills gaps to be bridged.

Step 4: The training provider will discuss the needs analysis and the course contents with the client.

Step 5: Delivery of training by the training provider

Step 6: The training provider will design and produce an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each participant.

Step 7: The training provider will interpret the results with the participants during a three hour interactive session. During this exercise the trainer will also explain the candidates how to implement their Individual Development Plan back at work in real life situation.

Step 8: A supervisor from the client company will also be trained to assist the participant to implement their Individual Development Plan.

Step 9: Participants will be given a period of one to three months to implement their IDPs under supervision.

Step 10: After the implementation period, the candidate will be re-assessed using the same test to identify whether there has been a change in competency in that particular skill. A direct measurement of the R.O.I.

Benefits for your organisation

  • The boardroom will be able to measure the ROI by measuring the increase in competency against the training investment.
  • The HR department will know how the employees are assessed, trained and re-assessed after allowing them time to put into practice the skills learned during the training.
  • Employees will be motivated to learn new skills where they have deficiencies. These skills gaps will be generated by the assessment in an objective, independent and transparent manner).
  • Employees will have ownership of their learning and development.
  • Your customers will see the visible difference

Our Competency Based Trainings

633  participants from 170 corporate organisations have already successfully attended 27 Competency Based Training workshop.

List of our 27 Competency Based Trainings

1.  1+1=3 of Entrepreneurship 3 days  Entrepreneurial Aptitude Profile 
2. ABC of Supervising Others  2 days   Leadership Potential Assessment
3. Anger Management - Understanding Anger 1 day Anger Management Questionnaire
4.  Building your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills 1 day  Assertiveness Rating Scale & Self Esteem Assessment 
5. Business Leadership  3 days Management Skills and Styles Assessment
6. Communication Strategies 2 days Communication Skills Assessment
7. Core Negotiation Skills 1 day Negotiation Aptitude Profile
8.  Critical Elements of Customer Service 2 days Customer Service Profile
9. Emotional Intelligence  1 day Multi-dimenstional Emotional Intelligence Quotient
10. Negotiation for Results  2 days Negotiation Aptitude Profile
11. Problem Solving & Decision Making  2 days Creativity & Problem Solving Aptitude Test
12. Professional Skills for Business Advisors 2 days Salesperson Personality Profile
13. Professional Skills for Retail Sales Executives  3 days Retail Sales Evaluation
14. Professional Skills for Sales Executives  2 days Salesperson Personality Profile
15. Professional Skills for the Office Administrator  2 days Clerical Aptitude Assesment
16.  Retail Management & Operations 1 day  Store Manager Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile
17. Risk Management  1 day  Risk-taking assessment
18. Sales - Telemarketing  1 day Call Center Customer Service Rep Test 
19. Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents  3 days Call Center Customer Service Rep Test
20. Selling Techniques for Call Centre Agents  1 day Call Center Customer Service Rep Test
21.  Store Management 1 day  Warehouse Worker Aptitude Test 
22.  Stress Management  1 day Coping Skills Assessment 
23.  Team Building - Building Better Teams 1 day Team vs Individual Orientation Test 
24.  Team Building - Developing High Performance Teams 3 days Team vs Individual Orientation Test 
25. Telemarketing - Using the telephone a a Sales Tool  1 day Telemarketing Agent Test 
26.  The Professional Supervisor 3 days  Leadership Potential Assessment 
27.  Time Management 1 day Time Management Evaluation 

 Notes :

  • All courses are MQA Approved and attract HRDC refund.

  • Psychometric test report will be issued to individual participant

  • Above fees include individual test interpretation before and after the training

  • Certificate of Recognition of Current Competency will be issued to participants (before and after the workshop)

  • All results benchmarked at national level and industry wise (where ever possible)

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