Our Training Model

Kolb's Learning Styles

All our courses are built on David Kolb's experiential learning model. His model outlines four key components to successful learning:

  • Concrete experience
  • Reflection on that experience
  • Forming ideas based on experience(s), called generalization
  • Applying and testing the new concepts

Our materials apply these concepts in the following way:

  • Delegates can begin to form ideas and make connections with the lecture and discussion material provided
  • Step-by-Step exercises give delegates structured, hands-on experience with the concepts
  • Skill Sharpeners and Case Studies allow participants to apply what they have learned in a real-world scenario
  • Review Questions at the end of each section give participants a chance to reflect on the material that they have learned

This combination of approaches allows various types of learners and personalities to absorb the material. It also allows learners to tie the material back to the real world.

Pre Test

All our courses include a pre test and in certain cases a pre assignment designed to get the participants involved in the subject before the workshop.

Psychometric Tests

Most of our courses incorporate a Psychometric Test which will allow the trainer to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the participants and focus the training on the weaknesses areas.

Post Training Reinforcement Programme (P.T.R.P)

For each and every course we deliver, we design a Post Training Reinforcement Programme which every delegate needs to complete within 21 days of the workshop. The P.T.R.P consists of a series of situational questions to assess whether the delegates have mastered the skills taught to them during the workshop and most importantly, whether they have been able to put same into practice at their workplace.

Besides the MQA Certificate of Attendance, we provide a Certificate of Proficiency to assess the competency of the delegates in the different skills discussed during the workshop.

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